Implant Dentures

Are you struggling wearing a full denture? Do you find that your denture moves around your mouth, or are worried about your denture dropping down or falling out when speaking and eating?

Have you thought about having implants to help hold your denture in place?

At City Dental we like to offer our patients an alternative and cost-effective solution in the form of implant retained dentures.

What exactly are they and how do they work?

When the words ‘dental implants’ are mentioned, many people understandably think of the expense. However, implant retained dentures give our patients the stability and durability of dental implants without the cost.

How so?

Firstly only 2 or 4 implants are necessary rather than a whole set. After being placed at strategic positions then the dentures are modified with fixings. These are then attached or ‘snapped’ firmly onto the implants. There’s no need for expensive bridgework, so it’s a cost-effective solution.