Colin Caster

Colin Caster

Colin Caster qualified as a Dental Technician in 1980 and worked in the Oral Surgery Department at Middlesbrough General Hospital.

He later moved to Newcastle Dental Hospital in 1981 and took advanced qualifications in prosthetics, crown and bridge and maxillo facial technology.

In 1986 Colin left Newcastle Dental Hospital to set up A-line Dental Services and expanded the laboratory to be the largest independent dental laboratory in the north east. A-line Dental Services has always kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and advances in dentistry. It was also the first laboratory in the UK to be ISO registered and one of the first to introduce all ceramic crowns and digital technology.

In 2010, in conjunction with Mark Maley, Colin established City Dental. With a combined technical knowledge of over 50 years, they decided that there was a need for a dental surgery that was capable of dealing with patients who required treatments that were above and beyond what was normally achieved on the NHS.

With an ethos of an expert in every field, City Dental uses Rob Banks (Oral Surgeon); to fit implants, Alexandra Seymour (Dentist), Stephanie Docherty (Dentist), Kushbah Begum (Dentist) and Jordon Heron (Dentist); for restorative work, Andrew Graham (CDT), Clare Rankin (CDT) and Mark Maley (CDT); for denture construction, Melanie Flinders (Hygienist); oral maintenance and Victoria Gray (Dental Nurse), Rebecca Holland (Dental Nurse), Karlie Taylor (Dental Nurse) and Estra Grant (Dental Nurse); are all experienced nurses and finally myself, Colin Caster, for technical backup with A-line Dental Services. City Dental has an expert in every field.

“At City Dental we believe in going the extra mile for our patients. With an expert in every field of dentistry as well as the services of A-line Dental Services, our own dental laboratory, we can cater for every patient’s requirements, from a simple check-up to dentures or implants.

With competitive pricing, City Dental bridges the gap between NHS and private dentistry.”