What is the difference between a crown and a veneer?
A crown is made from porcelain and covers all surfaces of the tooth. Crowns can be used for teeth that are heavily broken down offering a full strong coverage. Unlike crowns veneers cover the outer surface of the tooth. Both crowns and veneers are an excellent way to improve the shape and colour of your current smile.

What does the treatment involve?
Following a full assessment with radiographs; we would arrange the preparation stage. The preparation stage involves altering your teeth and taking various impressions. The award winning Aline Ceramics laboratory (sister company of City Dental) will construct a ‘wax-up’. A wax up will give you a temporary indication of what your new smile will look like until your crowns or veneers are made. Aline Ceramics will also construct the porcelain work for you, taking care of every detail including the shade and anatomy. At the second stage will fit your porcelain work leaving you with a smile to be proud of.

What is a bridge?
A bridge is a porcelain tooth attached to the adjacent tooth by either a crown or a wing to fill the space of a missing tooth or teeth.

How much does the treatment cost?
Crowns start from £545 per tooth and veneers from £545 per tooth. A bridge is from £545 per tooth.

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